Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gorge Walks

To imagine Dartmoor, a vast moorland in South West England, I always pictured a bleak, vaguely-rolling landscape drenched in a non-descript mist, occasionally penetrated by stray sheep and escaped prisoners. Yet after spending a few months exploring Devon beyond it being a way of getting into Cornwall, it seems Dartmoor is in fact a luscious paradise of green-things, hidden waterways, and steep, steep rainbow-lit gorges. A 3 mile walk along Lydford Gorge north of Tavistock takes you alongside the fast-flowing river Lyd, littered with (variously dramatic) waterfalls which empty into unexpected turquoise plunge pools. The whole thing appealed to the small part of me which wants to live in a damp cave, surviving on sea-kelp and sardines. Or any other non-descript wild-kinda-life which requires simple (read: not necessarily easy to come by) fuel.