Sunday, May 19, 2013

Face Bake

While teaching down in Falmouth this week, I met lots of interesting people & talented students. But one project which really caught my eye was Face Bake. Claire Burns and Imogen Rockley are two illustration students currently living in Cornwall who have decided to put their illustration skills to good use in a new and innovative baking venture. In their own words "the idea is simple, we create bespoke biscuits and cakes with any face on" - and its true, they do! From Elton John with glasses made of jelly beans to a shortbread version of Jedward, and romantic cupcake-duos, if it can be drawn, it can be eaten.

Here is some of their work! Be sure to check out the Face Bake site.

Having a long history of baking silly cakes for special occasions, I was really sold on this. Here are some of my own baked goodies made for friends.