Friday, April 26, 2013

Lisbon, Portugal

I've been living & working here for the last few weeks. New colours, shapes and places are so important.

"The Journeys I commit are nothing more than just bits of The Journey. Right from the start, I wander nomadically between more or less impermanent "encampments". I reach the summit and then descend again. I replenish myself and climb again. It matters little whether the summit is different or even which one it is; it is always 'IT'. Perhaps I climb merely to enjoy a better view, for a few moments, from a unique viewpoint. In general, when I reach the top, the overcast sky prevents me from seeing beyond my silhouette projected onto the surface of the clouds. If I believed in what I saw, I would not continue to want to see beyond what I can see, and I would give up moving. But a strange phenomenon means that I never wholly believe in what I see." Mattia Denisse

New reads.