Tuesday, February 19, 2013

V&A Jazz & World Music

This is the illustration I have produced for the Troyka event at London's V&A Friday Late Jazz & World Music series on 19th April.

With each A6 image in this series, I am trying to establish a set of things which stay the same, and some which change. I'm interested in how each image works alone, but more importantly how I see them together. I produce one of these every 4 weeks which means I find I often make my changes too bold, or too discreet. I would like to try making a series of images all at once to try and resolve this, but there is something quite nice about allowing all the things you've learnt during other projects in between to appear in disguise.

Another big thing going on here is colour pallete. With such simple, abstract imagery changing the colour each month is a big part of separating each illustration. I try so hard (or at least it feels hard) to try and get away from my instinctive colour choices, and each time I think I'm onto something - but when I see them all together I realise I haven't got very far. I was interested in the idea of a 'limited palette' (isn't everyone right now?!) but it seems someone else needs to limit it for me in order for me to surprise myself!

The theme for this one was based on the performance by Troyka and 'their approach of combining spontaneous outbursts of improvisation with carefully crafted compositions' in April which will use 'snippets of Bowies back catalog interspersed with their own material in an abstracted way'.