Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Map of India

A map of India's Top 5 Cities, as voted by Conde Nast Traveller magazine readers.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Making & Thinking

Curious about the erasing of the line between animation and illustration. Will static images become obsolete because we see them as incomplete? How close to imitation or documentation of reality do we get until we realise that we have stopped living in it? Quick gifs for unfinished thoughts.

Pasta, Olives and Fish

Part of a new series of food illustrations.


Last month I started working on a print for the Print Club London Directors Cut exhibition to produce a screenprinted film poster without the film title. I chose Spielberg's 90's killer-spider film Arachnophobia, but really struggled trying to sum up the whole film in a single image. I realised my real interest was in the chain of events and the aesthetic of the location, so I scrapped the competition entry to work on a narrative piece.

Teollisuussijoitus Magazine

This is an illustration I did recently for Finnish financial magazine Teollisuussijoitus about the equipment used in the clean-up of oil spills!

PDYE | Winchester School of Art Degree Show London 2012

I have been working with the third years at Winchester School of Art whose select London show & shop curated by ex-students Recuperate, opens Thursday 28th June at The Rag Factory, off Brick Lane. Come down if you are in London!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Some recent drawings from my sketchbook for a project I'm working on which involves working to a reduced colour palette. As the number of these kind of projects increases, I am having to develop ways of building my drawings without losing the immediacy I love of just being able to put the colour down in one hit. I'm used to working on different layers of paper in terms of composition, but never for colour. When I've worked with a reduced palette in the past, the composition has had to be really simplified and the idea has had to be set in stone first - this isn't something I really enjoy or want to rely on. I'm definitely welcoming the chance to draw with different materials and get away from the felt tip pens... but not for long!

Work in progress...

A sneak peak preview of some drawings I've been doing for a collaboration with City Edition Studio