Monday, May 7, 2012

Bertien van Manen - Let’s Sit Down Before We Go

In Amsterdam we visited FOAM the photographers gallery to see an exhibition of pictures by Bertien van Manen - Let’s Sit Down Before We Go. It was a great show and made me want to get back onto trains and faraway. It reminded me of childhood in a nowhere-village, the willingness of naivety and the honesty of un-interiors. Functionality refined to it's most personal and poetic form.

Before leaving for a long journey, Russian people sit down for a moment and think about where they will be going and why. The atmosphere in the pictures of Bertien van Manen is like this. Together with photographer Stephen Gill she made a selection of pictures she took in Russia between 1991-2009 and which have never been on show before.

All pictures above are by Bertien van Manen.