Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Some covers from old sheet music notation (or nuotit) I found getting dusty in Finnish bookshops this weekend. Anything is possible with two colours.

Lots of interesting things to think about came out of the Bookies event in Helsinki this weekend, for me, most predominantly - the emphasis on not publishing - or selecting the right way to publish - at a conference which otherwise encouraged the process. How can we make less while simultaneously making more? Solving problems in a way that doesn't get lost or archived or attached to a particular point in time. Active engagement over sharing passing thoughts. This is something I've struggled with for a long time, in terms of how to distribute my ideas without it contradicting my practice as an illustrator. Some ideas cannot be communicated pictorially, I think this is an important distinction. Making work and talking about work; the effects of making it and the world we make it in - just a few things I can't let go of and which are often prohibitive.

This is taken from something I picked up from Motto called The Pieces that Fall Through The Filter by Jerry Mander.

We have all had the experience of reading a paragraph only to realize that we had not absorbed any of it. It is only with conscious effort and direct participation at one's own speed that words gain any meaning to a reader. Images require nothing of the sort. They only require your eyes to be open. The images enter you and are recorded in your memory whether you think about them or not. They flow into your at their own speed and you are hard pressed to know a true image from one which is manufactured.