Sunday, February 12, 2012

Come On In! The Water's Pink

Occasionally I get asked the question feared by all illustrators; 'Where do you get your inspiration from?'; then comes a broad list of answers in which I try to neatly summarise the concept of just about everything. While trying to be all-encompassing and of course not close myself off to the possibility that my biggest inspiration is yet to come, if I had to put my finger on what exactly got me interested in drawing and storytelling - and perhaps also Americana - it would be the 1960's Pink Panther cartoons. I watched these literally hundreds and hundreds of times, back to back, obsessive-stylee for most of my childhood. My favourites were directed by illustrator & animator Hawley Pratt. I still absolutely love them all!

The Pink Blueprint, Hawley Pratt, May 25, 1966