Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Bloody Chamber for The House of Illustration & Folio Society

Cover illustration.

'Then out into the cold morning, harking after that black, vague shape...'

'A dozen husbands impaled a dozen brides while the mewing gulls swung on invisible trapezes in the empty air outside.'

'If you spy a naked man amongst the pines, you must run as if the devil were after you.'

I decided to enter the Folio Society competition run by the House of Illustration, to illustrate three scenes and a cover for The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter.

I became interested in acknowledging the different levels of translation required between text and image, and dealing with different levels of abstraction. It was also important that they worked sequentially, even if they will not be seen directly side by side, so working all four up at the same time and reassessing them as a collection became an important part of my working process.