Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life Drawing

I've been going to life drawing classes for nearly six months now and slowly beginning to understand what I'm looking for, both in the structure of the body and in the drawing as an object in itself.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tal R

I was shown A Ship Is Not An Island (Et Skib Er Ikke En Ö) a 10 minute film by Tal R recently and wanted to put together a collection of some of his work. I love how each painting feels like you're looking at the one before from a different perspective, one minute you're outside the black hole looking in, next you're inside one looking out. His painting style has been described as "kolbojnik", which means "left-overs", I really like this; it makes me think about negative spaces, reversed out and turned into something all on their own, imaginary shapes with no names, redundant, spare; gathering up the debris.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Latitude Festival - Fallon Films

LATITUDE 2010 / Water Projections Installation from Fallon Films on Vimeo.

This year I am working with Fallon Films once again to produce a series of animations to be projected onto huge walls of water at Latitude Festival. Here's the footage from last year as a taste of things to come...


The New York Times - Lives

I continue to illustrate a weekly column, Lives, for The New York Times. Because it's so frequent, I often forget to document the things I'm doing for it, so here is a small selection.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've been deconstructing international flags down into their component elements, ordering, cropping and re-ordering them in sets. This is the sort of exercise I've done using vectors but never with drawing; initially I began using a framework I drew in illustrator as a reference point, then later removed it once I felt as though a natural structure had started to evolve.



I've been drawing a lot again in the last few months, especially outdoors in the forests of Leipzig and Epping. I got really interested in the form/shape made by leaves, logs, seeds, flowers, twigs and branches and how they form natural compositions wherever they fall. I found I was always drawing the outline of things, to define the composition, but then when it came to adding detail found in the leaf veins, bark, disintegration etc, the original outlines got in the way. So I started to block in a lot of the colour, the way I'd been used to when working with vectors or with my hyper-real object drawings, and then add the detail in right over the top; it felt really strange to work in this way by hand but I'm beginning to see how useful it is in getting the information across, also a lot more quickly.

This just made me think of a great print by my pal Jono at City Edition Studio called "First I Do The Colouring Then I Draw It In".


Monday, June 6, 2011


New drawings of vintage Nike shoes from a series of items for sale on eBay.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ridin' on 9

Some new drawings of bicycles. I am continuing to exploring how much information I can leave out of a drawing, and avoiding using line to describe form. I have tried to balance areas of detail with empty space and solid shapes to emphasise a shape which feels as though it is on a journey. I enjoy isolating objects from their surroundings but would really like to start building up narratives in a single image with these drawings, which would obviously affect the scale and speed at which the originals are drawn.


Speed Tests #1

Sometimes it's nice to make something quickly.

It reminded me of this drawing I did for a project by If You Could in 2007.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gravis Contra

I absolutely fell in love with this limited edition rucksack by Gravis and was lucky enough to find a brand new one on eBay this week. If I could design rucksacks, they would all look like this. Thanks, Gravis!



I don't often post unfinished drawings or things from my sketchbooks, but I liked these pages from some work I've been doing this week for German magazine Fräulein.