Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's Next?

Over the weekend, we visited Barbara Hepworth's studio in St Ives. Everything had been left in it's place; from her tiny workclothes hanging on pegs, to work-in-progress frozen in time; dozens of tools left to rust but all more organised and laid out than she may have had them; it was still great to get a glimpse into her world though, and while looking through the library this week, I found an article she wrote for Circle: An International Survey of Constructivist Art, which she illustrates with this picture of Stonehenge. It occurred to me that the thoughts I was having about stiles were similar to bigger questions raised about these monolithic structures on an altogether different scale. Similarities in material, texture and form; it makes me want to ask how should they be used?.

I find a lot of these thoughts keep coming back to the functionality of things; of images. They can no longer be left as they are; enjoyed, or understood over time - they all need to have immediate impact and readability. Are we in a hurry to assign images with a purpose because we want to be able to achieve immediate certainty? Do we cling to the feeling that if we know something for certain we can move on to the next much more quickly?