Monday, October 17, 2011

Frieze Family Space 2011

Here is the finished Family Guide I illustrated with friends Europa for this year's Frieze Art Fair. The illustrations are based on artist Pierre Huyghe’s aquarium which was a live ecosystem created especially for Frieze 2011. The walls were really well used and fully populated with millions of new species of sea-monsters by Sunday afternoon!

As usual Europa and I experimented with 4 special pantone colours; this year using a bronze on a bright white matt paper to make the ocean floor sparkle, along with some pretty hot fluorescents.

Each year I have introduced more and more figurative elements into the Frieze Family guides, part in response to the client and part to see how I might treat the composition differently. I went a lot further with this one and while I'm not sure it works in the very detailed parts of the aquarium, I can see how it might work backwards, and abstract elements might help to build up something figurative. I'm going to experiment with this way of working and see where I get...