Friday, September 9, 2011

Campsite Architecture #1

While living under the shade of pine trees, olive groves and Swiss stormclouds this summer, one thing began to really interest me; campsite architecture. I will document this over a series of posts but one of the biggest things which struck me was our unquestioning need for electricity in any form we can get it. Extension cables snake around trees, occasionally weighed down by pine cones or submerged in a flurry of leaves; microwaves and electric grills sit upon treestumps and cameras charge their batteries nestled safely under shrubs.

They form unspoken boundaries between pitches, at the same time as opening up opportunities; if we buy an electric lamp, we could add an extra 3 hours to our day... (This thought multiplies at lightning speed and within a week there'd be a washing machine and a smart car, a couple of skyscrapers and international space station) We become hungry for it but there's also something taboo here; our neighbours scurry nervously too-and-fro from plug sockets, wrapping phones up in plastic bags (presumably to stop a wasp from laying its eggs in the microphone right...) and hanging them from trees. It is a bizarre performance structure and I am hooked.