Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Joel Tettamanti

I've been following photographer Joel Tettamanti for a couple of years, as he trawls the world for people and the structures they live in and make use of. My favourites are from his 3 series from towns in Greenland; the way the snow eats it's own route around the brightly coloured buildings; the landscape takes the structures hostage; stealing bits and rejecting others. The leftover shapes feel like a kit with which to build new things.

J. Bennett Fitts

Today Bobby showed me the pictures of another photographer, J. Bennett Fitts who lives and works in LA. These pictures are from his series No Lifeguard On Duty. I've loved abandoned swimming pools for as long as I can remember; there's something tragic about taking away the only thing they have to give; and a particular insult - to fill one in with grass. I like the ladder which never reaches the bottom, the rainwater and frogs who replace the paying guests and the fences once designed generously for privacy become places to hang aggressive 'no trespassing' notices.