Monday, January 24, 2011

Golden Arrows / Gallery 263 Cambridgeport, MA

At the tail end of last year, a beautiful invitation with a painting of my favourite plant - the unruly swiss cheese - arrived from Nerissa Cooney and Alexander Hage, the designers behind Golden Arrows, working out of Boston, MA. They asked me to supply them with images to help cover the walls of their new studio space at 263 Pearl Street in Cambridgeport, where they are taking up residence until March. These guys are the sweetest and have some really nice work in their portfolio so it saddened me to find my wallpaper did not arrive in time for their December deadline... and it was still missing a month later! Just as I had resigned myself to the familiar mantra 'always use recorded delivery Holly you cheapskate' once again, Alex got in touch to let me know my collage had finally arrived - made from a selection of photocopies I took from one of my sketchbooks, it's great to see it up on the wall along with all the others!

I love fun projects like this, using the internet for what it was intended - bringing strangers together!