Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frieze Art Fair 2010

For the third year running, I have art directed and illustrated the Family Guide for Frieze Art Fair, as a collaboration with good friends & design studio Europa and the brains behind the content for the project, Hannah Murgatroyd.

The theme for this year’s illustrations were based on Simon Fujiwara’s artwork for Frieze 2010, a new site-specific work, Frozen; an installation based on the fictive premise that an ancient lost city has been discovered beneath the site of the fair. Throughout the fair, visitors will encounter archaeological digs, displays of found artefacts and graphic panels describing a historic civilization that was once a hub of art and commerce. This was a great theme to translate into illustrations suitable for 5-12 year olds!



Jono Lewarne at City Edition Studio has just produced a visual identity for OPEN. See the full story on the OPEN blog. It looks amazing! Go Jono!


Subliminal Messages

New handdrawn type for a special project.