Thursday, September 23, 2010

OPEN Studio!

For those not in the know, I have recently set up a new studio space in De Beauvoir Town in East London with 9 other illustrators, a screen printer and a publisher; which we have now affectionately titled OPEN. Our philosophy is to provide support, criticism, dialogue, fairness, opportunity, a sense of belonging and fresh ambition to both our creative work and independent businesses; and in turn help others to benefit from the same. The two main objectives of Open are education and entrepreneurship. Stay tuned for full profiles and plenty of news!

At last! Our new studio space, is complete, desks built, walls painted, water plumbed - and everyone happily working away on an exciting range of projects! We are soon to launch online as well so you can see what we're all up to! Here are some of the official photos, all taken by our good friend and photographer Owen Richards.

If any illustration graduates are interested in coming to see us for a portfolio review, do get in touch - we are putting together our new Crit Club! programme and are interested to see what you're making!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Signs I've Met

I just took six rolls of film to be developed at long last, here is a mini collection of signs I've found in the last few months. From LA to Dalston there's a little bit of help for everyone...

I like that someone took the trouble to use a ruler to write this. I think it shows they have time for their customers.

I love how vague the price list is at this hairdresser in San Francisco.


I like how the designer of this sign in Dalston couldn't get to grips with the angle on the nib of their new marker pen. At all.

I've seen this sign all over Hackney for the last couple of years; I love the idea that every garden in London has one troublesome bush which needs dealing with.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Wild Fantasies Exhibition

I was invited by the lovely people at Don't Panic to take part in their Decade of Don't Panic Posters: Wild Fantasies exhibition at Stolen Space Gallery as one of ten new guest artists. I'm humbled to be listed alongside hotshots Shepard Fairey and Mr Jago. Totally urban.

Come down!