Thursday, April 8, 2010

Community! What Should I Do!

Thanks to everyone who has visited the Community! What Should I Do! exhibition so far. Great photos by Steve Bliss.

The show runs until the 9th April so if you haven't had a chance to see it yet, you can find it at Fallon London, Elsley Court, 20-22 Gt Titchfield St, W1W 8BE. This has been the first exhibition I have nurtured from idea all the way through to curation and endless negotiation with Parcelforce and customs; I'm pleased to say it's been really exciting. Thanks to everyone who helped get it off the ground!


Commercial artists Joel Evey, Kim Hiorthoy, Ryan Todd, Melvin Galapon, Holly Wales and Nathan Cowen & Tobias Roettger (HORT) explore their ideals about a need for change and it's relationship with possibility in this exhibition of new work, "Community! What Should I Do!" at Fallon HQ.

As commercial artists, the work we produce is only ever seen in it's final, complete and signed off state. It exists within a context divorced from us as artists; whether that is an editorial about an old lady who left her fortune to a donkey or a new car ad, the work is no longer viewed on it's own visual merits, but only in relation to a product or a story. I wanted to look more at that process, before final artwork and before it becomes attached to any external context; I wanted to ask what are these artists really interested in making?