Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Community! What Should I Do!

I'm curating this show Community! What Should I Do! at Fallon later this month.

It came about because of an exhaustion of illustration shows in London being treated as 'art' and hung in tidy wooden picture frames with price tags. While I don't think theres anything wrong with this, I became more interested in the process of illustrating a concept and how, as commercial artists, we get to that point on a regular basis. For my own work, I have collaborated with screen printer extroadinnaire, Loren Filis of Loligo on some great new work.


"Community! What should I do!"

Private View 6pm onwards March 31st
Fallon, 20-22 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 8BE
Show runs March 31st - April 9th, by appointment only.

"Is it possible to make a poster of unlimited dimensions, a poster as long or high as you care to make it?" Bruno Munari

An exhibition of large-format posters by seven illustrator-designers working from Berlin, San Diego and London opens at Fallon, Great Titchfield Street March 31st.

Commercial artists Joel Evey, Kim Hiorthoy, Ryan Todd, Melvin Galapon, Holly Wales and Nathan Cowen & Tobias Roettger (HORT) explore their ideals about a need for change and it's relationship with possibility in this exhibition of new work, "Community! What Should I Do!" at Fallon HQ.

There are some brilliant artists involved. I hope you can make it! RSVP to


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I've been working on these flyers for Simon Smith's night SUPERDISCO for about six months and thought I would give them a little daylight; the brief was simple - a flyer for an electro night with absolutely all the trimmings; so I came back with neon and fake projections and fake x-rays.


Friday, March 12, 2010

The best designer is the one who can polish the most facets of the diamond

Everyone should read this article on the Creative Review blog. It holds some answers and a lot of questions to some fundamental changes needed in design education; I am pleased at last to read something current which addresses these issues (albeit right now only channelled through the question of who is going to take over from Dan Fern as head of school at the RCA). And even more excited to find that everyone wants a piece of it.

The relatively new book Art School by Steven Henry Madoff would make great further reading for anyone really interested in this.

I am lucky enough to meet with a huge number of people teaching art & design in the UK on a regular basis and believe that these individuals are only too capable of knowing the right thing to do; but more than that I hope they don't break to the burocracy which has grown above them, in a world which now only understands the organisation of information and not the information itself.

I have spent the as long as I can remember working my way through my Dad's library. He was the head of a regional art school from 1976-2008 and suddenly the two books which I have been reading over the last month have been given some wider context; they have become an absolute necessity. Godspeed!